ANMLY #38 :: Poetry

Nothing I have to say about poetry feels as crucial as the many genocides intensifying across the globe, from Palestine to Sudan to Haiti, and always still here on Turtle Island. This isn’t even an exhaustive list.

This folio contains queer joy. This folio contains the bittersweet, the melancholy. The words “Nowhere Is Safe in Gaza”—so, as we always aspire towards: the truth. 

This folio contains a video game about capitalism and scarcity. Erasures of the documents of oppressors. Imaginary trans text messages, dead malls, an elegy to a father, a hookup, a Puerto Rican flag.

This folio contains a cross-section of thought and survival. Of our worst and best moments. Of what breathing has become.

But, again. Nothing I have to say about poetry is as important as those who can no longer breathe at all. Palestine, Sudan, Haiti, Congo, Turtle Island: may Empire fall, and may all of us be freer, be free.

—Sarah Clark, EIC

Featured in this folio:

ANMLY #38 Poetry Team
Sarah Clark, Poetry Editor
Ebony E. Chinn, Editor-at-Large
Ching In-Chen, Editor-at-Large
Lucy Zhou, Assistant Poetry Editor
leena aboutaleb, Poetry & Nonfiction Reader
Iyanuoluwa Adenle, Poetry Reader
Sonia Beauchamp, Poetry Reader
Willow James Claire, Poetry Reader
Nélari Figueroa Torres, Poetry Reader
Stephanie Kaylor, Poetry & Nonfiction Reader
Ashish Kumar Singh, Poetry Reader
Allison Thung, Poetry Reader
tripp j crouse, Poetry Reader
J.L. Moultrie, Poetry & Fiction Reader

April, 2024