there’s no nutrition in a muffin              patron saint of mixed messages
comes out of me chapter & verse                          a troll-themed town
less room for error                      what color helmet u want ???
he was never the same                              after talking to chatGPT
which had somehow convinced him      that armani was secretly british
his suspicions seemingly confirmed      he went down the rabbit hole
an earthly hare                a brazen thief blowing thru intersections
body fit to the point of parody                the male whore spat i am the (212) number
working himself into a froth                                 beestung lips refusing to burst
sulky & pouty                 inspiring mockery        “ not quite there ” as social lubricant
it must be vacca on the street                old cow               skunks ape
there isn’t any reason                  my love comes in different sizes
lead singer of a forgotten band               tells me to use my imagination
gargoyle in a gown         i am out of place
can only come up w. passion                    rainbow beachball i turn over & over in my head
how u are a nice boynice boynice boy             or i was hearing my own suffering
              cuz boys are mostly hair
i think abt how i must be a better poet than u                  since u are dead
& i’ll only keep getting better                wouldn’t u agree
i find u compelling                       the right shade of raspberry
like the one who said everything is impermanent           including his incredible body
tho i’m pretty sure he still loves me                     the way u put ur hand on a stove
out of love or some misguided desire                                 i’m trying to convince myself
i don’t have a chosen family      but at some point i stop
               —i choose me


MICHAEL CHANG (they/them) is the author of SYNTHETIC JUNGLE (Northwestern University Press, 2023) & THE HEARTBREAK ALBUM (Coach House Books, 2025). They edit poetry at Fence.