Feisal G. Mohamed

These poems are excerpted from Feisal G. Mohamed’s work in progress Nowhere is Safe in Gaza, a book-length erasure of South Africa’s December 2023 application to the International Court of Justice charging Israel with violations of the Genocide Convention. 


an apartheid regime

                                                                                    an apartheid regime
                                                                                                                          discriminatory land zoning and planning

                 punitive and administrative house demolitions                                           Israeli army incursions into


villages    towns    cities    refugee camps                                                             routine violent Israeli raids on their

homes   arbitrary arrests       indefinitely renewable administrative detention


                                   without basic protections

      Israeli settlers

                     with full due process




                                                                                              hundreds of multigenerational families have been killed

in their entirety     with no remaining survivors     mothers   fathers   children   siblings   grandparents   aunts

cousins       often all killed together

                                                                                                                 medics in Gaza have had to coin a new

acronym   ‘WCNSF’   meaning ‘wounded child    no surviving family’



‘I have never seen such a thing before’

                                                                                              Israeli  bulldozers  excavated  and  exhumed  a   hospital

mass   grave in the besieged Kamal Adwan hospital on  16  December     where     26 Palestinians had been

buried                                             Hossam Abu Safiya     Head of Pediatric Services

                  stated      “[t]he soldiers dug up the graves this morning and dragged the bodies with bulldozers

then crushed the bodies with the bulldozers         I have never seen such a thing before”



Feisal G. Mohamed is professor of English at Yale University. His latest book is Sovereignty (2020).