Jason Overby



A photo of a white man with a long beard and long hair. He appears to be getting a haircut, though the photo is ambiguous. A photo can be seen over his left shoulder, resembling Burt Reynolds.

Jason Overby lives in Portland, OR with his wife and two children. He has self-published a variety of mini-comics, including JessicaSolipsist’s Doodles, and Obligatory Artifact. His strip Apophenia appeared in Abstract Comics: The AnthologyThe Being Being, a book collecting some of this work, was published in 2015 by Gridlords. You can view many of this work at jasonoverby.art. He is currently finishing up a new work, which will be called The O.C.




Tana Oshima

Pangea (An XXL comic)

1. i am a single-celled diaspora, a marine sponge. i am an exile born with no nest or noise and when i sing i howl like an Australopithecus

(i am a balloon
attached to a string
attached to a corner
attached to a past
that lies to me

2. from the bottom of the cave, my mouth open, my feet dancing on an earth that is still whole. i am pangea, a diaspora contained in an amphora in the singular form, a single body that swells into the intemporal, a sponge, strip away the salt, the waves trick me with their disparate tongues, their laughter in a haze: foam

3. my wandering is anchored in the ethereal language, architect of the future, raw, pure structure with no roots or clothing

4. i have the power to open all doors
(but never my cave)


A photo of a Japanese-Spanish woman wearing a yellow knit cap and a black shirt with a yellow shell. Part of her comic is displayed above her, as she occupies the bottom left-hand corner of the photo.

Tana Oshima is a Japanese-Spanish writer, literary translator and visual artist exploring the field of comics. She has self-published eight mini-comics, and has translated to Spanish female novelists from Japan, such as Yuko Tsushima, Hiroko Oyamada, and Yu Miri. She is based in New York. cargocollective.com/tanaoshima_art. Instagram: @tanaoshima.




Rosaire Appel

Out There


Rosaire Appel (New York) is an artist exploring interconnections among reading, looking and listening. She draws writing, sound and abstract comics. She has created many kinds of visual books, both limited editions and commercially published. Her most recent book is “Corona Panic Score”, created with ink on vintage music paper. Her sound drawings have been exhibited widely. She posts regularly on facebook and Instagram. Her website is www.rosaireappel.com.