Tana Oshima

Pangea (An XXL comic)

1. i am a single-celled diaspora, a marine sponge. i am an exile born with no nest or noise and when i sing i howl like an Australopithecus

(i am a balloon
attached to a string
attached to a corner
attached to a past
that lies to me

2. from the bottom of the cave, my mouth open, my feet dancing on an earth that is still whole. i am pangea, a diaspora contained in an amphora in the singular form, a single body that swells into the intemporal, a sponge, strip away the salt, the waves trick me with their disparate tongues, their laughter in a haze: foam

3. my wandering is anchored in the ethereal language, architect of the future, raw, pure structure with no roots or clothing

4. i have the power to open all doors
(but never my cave)


A photo of a Japanese-Spanish woman wearing a yellow knit cap and a black shirt with a yellow shell. Part of her comic is displayed above her, as she occupies the bottom left-hand corner of the photo.

Tana Oshima is a Japanese-Spanish writer, literary translator and visual artist exploring the field of comics. She has self-published eight mini-comics, and has translated to Spanish female novelists from Japan, such as Yuko Tsushima, Hiroko Oyamada, and Yu Miri. She is based in New York. cargocollective.com/tanaoshima_art. Instagram: @tanaoshima.