Stine An

Meet the Cast of LIL BANG

In black sans-serif: "䷬ // [bold] Meet the Cast of LIL BANG / YOUR FAVORITE SOFT POWER ETHNO-NATIONALIST GLOBAL SENSATION *POP* BOY BAND[/strong]? /// ? / ? ? // [oblique] dramatis personae [/oblique] /// [bold] B-Dragon [/strong] ?  비용  / LEADER, MAIN WRAPPER & VOCALIST  / (nickname: b-d) // A shadow dragon from the gutter, a shade hellbent on dragging through the motherfucking ocean to the Underworld with the [oblique] katabasis  [/oblique] cranked to the masses. Always plays on the B-side. Minoritarian or just minor? In a mirror world, a K-pop flower boy whatever with a jawline to cut deep into the sky, with swagger. /// [bold] L.A.S.T [/strong] ?  L.A.S.T  / LEAD WRAPPER, VOCALIST & VISUAL  / (nickname: dead last) // A turtle? A dragon? A turtle-dragon? A ship in drag as a turtle-dragon? Identity schmidentity. This is an armored war vehicle built to last & last & last. To survive this neocolonial identity & the next new hot thing. To outride all the explosions— big & lil & middling. A permanent shell-on scowl. Best suited for a bumpy life. /// [bold] Dallim [/strong] ? 달님 / MAIN VOCALIST & MAIN DANCER  / (nickname: 딸님 or dear daughter) // The Dear, Honorable Moon. Part of a sibling duo tragically tiger-chased into the heavens & transformed into coordinated celestial performers via folklore. Brother or sister? No one remembers. Blessed, dances & sings like there is no sorrow. Fashionably late (or just a bit slow?) to the latest song & dance of the hegemony."
In black sans-serif: "[bold] Sosung [/strong] ? 소성  / LEAD VOCALIST  / (nickname: lil voice) // A twinkling mouse of a voice made audible through amplification. Without a microphone & the greater sound system, just some wind whistling, a needle picking at a record, a whisper in a nightmare. Wishes to retire one day from performance. Meanwhile, practices singing, singing with one’s own-lil-throat. /// [bold] FailBae [/strong] ? 패배 / LEAD DANCER, VOCALIST & MAKNAE (THE GREENEST)  / (nickname: champ) // What is the opposite of success? A cruel anti-joke about fruit. The ultimate bumbler who fails at failing better. Only fails down & across. Palpates winnings until they become losses. Recognizes success as failure, failure as reality. But at the end of the day, no one is as loyal, as wholly devoted, as assiduous, as juicy."

Meet the Pink Blossoms

In black sans-serif: "䷷ // [bold] Meet the Pink Blossoms [/bold] / YOUR FAVORITE PROVINCIALIST SOFT FLOWER NOSTALGIA LOCAL *ANTI-POP* GIRL BAND /// ? / ?? /  ?? // [oblique] dramatis flores /// [bold] peach blossom [/bold] ? 핑크 원 / LEAD VOCALIST, WRAPPER, DANCER & VISUAL / (nickname: pink one) // [bold] apricot blossom [/bold] ? 핑크 투 / LEAD WRAPPER, VOCALIST, DANCER & VISUAL / (nickname: pink tone) / [bold] baby azalea [/bold] ? 핑크 스릴 / LEAD DANCER, WRAPPER, VOCALIST & MAKNAE (THE GREENEST) (nickname: pink thrill) // [bold] rose of sharon [/bold] ? 핑크 사 / LEADER, MAIN VISUAL, WRAPPER, VOCALIST, DANCER & PENINSULAR ALMOST-PSYCHOPOMP / (nickname: pink death aka high bish cuss aka flower of the field (an inexhaustible abundance) aka korean rose) / [bold] [the reader] [/bold] ? 핑크 오 / MAIN READER, DANCER, VOCALIST & PRESENT / (nickname: [pick your appellation here]) /// We are many, so many. Flattened & forgotten between the perennial pages of history. We are iridescent. Our true hues cannot be replicated here where we appear as generic five-petaled pink hibiscus flowers. The pink flower stands in for something that cannot be replicated. Together, we miss our former, present & future selves. Did we ever exist at all outside of an ethno-national unconscious? Did we ever hold us? Did we ever meet in the springtime of our hometown? We sing ourselves into being. We sing ourselves into choir. We are always dancing in our hearts. We follow 핑크 사 (Hibiscus syriacus), the leader of this rosary, into the dark, into the light, into our luminous final resting place & home under earth. We vow to never return, to dive into the Underworld to remain there forever & ever."
On a limegreen wall, Stine An, looking up to the left and facing forward. Stine wears silverrimmed round eyeglasses that are perhaps slightly warmtinted; Stine wears lilacpurple lipstick, and eyeshadow that is yellow below the brows, and red along the upper lids, blossoming without of the lateral canthus. Stine has dark hair and brows, the hair shoulderlength, bleached at the ends. Stine has light skin. Stine wears  a cap that shows the full spectrum of visible light, cooling from the left (dexter) edge. The upper cap is grayblue in front, and rosepink on the sides, with a large round purple patch with triangular projections on the upside that might represent ears. Stine wears a white crew neck shirt.

Stine Su Yon An (안수연) is an existential creepy-crawly, literary translator, and performer based in New York City. Her poetry and experimental translations have appeared or are forthcoming in BAX, Electric Literature, Black Warrior Review, Pleiades, and elsewhere. You can find her online at and @gregorspamsa.