ANMLY #38 :: Nonfiction

We recognize and acknowledge that we are able to celebrate literature during immense global suffering and turmoil, though at times it may feel strange, eerie or even downright wrong to maintain this privilege. When all else is uncertain, being in community with other writers and sitting with their words has the power to make change, big and small.

The featured authors are intentional with making and breaking traditional forms in the always-surprising genre of creative nonfiction. You will find flash, epistolary, and dictionary entries in these pages, along with the convergence of the natural world, love, grief, the passage of time. How does the self make meaning of all this? How do we persevere?

Thank you for spending your time with these powerful essays, and may they inspire you to connect with yourself and the world. From Palestine to México, and everywhere in between, all the imperial walls have got to go.

—SG Huerta & Mizzy Hussain

Featured in this folio:

ANMLY #38 Nonfiction Team
Mizzy Hussain, Nonfiction Co-Editor
SG Huerta, Incoming Nonfiction Co-Editor
leena aboutaleb, Nonfiction & Poetry Reader
Stephanie Kaylor, Nonfiction & Poetry Reader
noam keim, Nonfiction Reader
Ìjàpá O, Nonfiction Reader

April, 2024