lae astra

Meltdown at High Tide

I pour night blooming
jasmine petals into
the craters of my body. 
Swarms of invertebrates 
peek out from tidepools,
like swirls of dust rippling 
moonlight. The tide climbs 
my legs & runs away
with my flowers. I shush
the crabs who won’t stop 
banging their claws against 
the cave walls of my chest.
I lie still until the echoes finish 
skipping out into the distance 
to where the water meets
the beginning of stars.
In the morning, you are curled 
around me while all of the crabs 
snore peacefully, claws askew, 
beside your synthesizer whose 
music blossoms & harmonizes 
with the receding waves.


lae astra is a queer trans artist in Tokyo who loves painting with sound, color, light, and words. Their work appears or is forthcoming in fifth wheel press, Bullshit Lit, Strange Horizons, manywor(l)ds, and elsewhere. Find them at