Maria Elena Gigante

One Big Nuclear Family

Nuclear fuel containers are known to crack. If not properly contained, nuclear fuel may seep out into its natural surroundings and have disastrous effects (e.g., cancer, blood disease, bone decay). Once nuclear fuel has aged sufficiently, it may be transferred to dry cask storage.

hey spent nuclear fuel container 
how thick are you?                          

People who like to call themselves “God-fearing” typically advertise belonging to two nuclear families in one lifetime: the one in which they were raised, and the one which they create with an opposite-sex spouse and two point five well-behaved children. As the Bible saith, Nuclear begets Nuclear, and so on, ad infinitum. Unless waste overtakes the planet, and the ARKK disintegrates, and we are all* swimming with the flora and fauna in human-made power-sludge, until we deteriorate in a glowing halo of our ingenuity. 

*The oligarchs chosen few will inevitably board tiny, penis-shaped rocket ships and embark for gravity-less pastures to jizz themselves into.

Nuclear is derived from the Latin word for “nut.” Likewise, to go nuclear means to go nuts. The Ides of March are come.

are you old enough to                  
experience dry cask storage?    

If absorbed into the atmosphere, nuclear fuel can rain its toxicity down upon faraway lands and upend ecosystems. Thus, nuclear fuel can create largescale panic and send people fleeing for their lives. Yet, many nations continue to depend on nuclear fuel, despite its dangers.

are you cracking at the seams?

As the sooths of Social Media saith, we are all, sometimes, in one way or another, toxic. Are you in a toxic relationship? Is your ex toxic? How to know if you’re the toxic one. We are all, sometimes, they profess, like plutonium and uranium derivatives straining to break free from our concrete and steel containers.

swipe right                                   
it was meant to be                      


Maria Elena Gigante (she/her) is a queer, nonbinary writer who teaches at Western Michigan University. Her previous publications are in rhetoric and composition, and she recently began writing micro memoirs and flash essays. Her first creative piece can be found in the Journal of Compressed Creative Arts.