Isaac Campbell


People change
Many say this in a lamenting way
“He’s just not the same” 
“She’s a totally different person”

I love to change
My hair, my style, my viewpoint, my location
It’s one of the best things about being alive, being human
Being nonbinary is a gift I never tire of receiving and opening each day

Some try to ignore change, but it lives everywhere 
Between the couch cushions,
Spilling out of pockets when trying to find your car keys,
In the tip jar of your local coffee shop,
In the cup of the beggar one street over
I keep my change with me, always aware of it

Change is one of the fundamentals of life
Its cousin, variety, the spice
They say nothing in life is guaranteed except for death and taxes
I disagree
One can say change flies in the face of Death
To change is to live, to grow, to evolve


Isaac Campbell is a queer and nonbinary creative from Massachusetts. They have always been a writer but this is their first publication. They hope to use their poetry as a way to challenge others’ perceptions and get people to question the roots of their own identity.