Hiyoowi Hamainza

Mereo-Logical Cybernetics

I am a cybernetic vector  
towing this domain (and it’s orbit)
about my immovable centrality.

Bounded polytopes, (deceitfully [inert]),
clutch their geometry,
announce their vertices,
in a topology of laminated pigments,

and my [sensor arrays]
ping echo ping echo
in sensorimotor feedback loops.   

This ambient plenum
which embeds my extension
into non-Euclidean manifold
warped by depth and volume. 

Where forms update their evolutions
& stitch memories
into the groove of the substrate… 

But at each iteration
the output is always
[nil]** [nil] ** [nil]


Hiyoowi Hamainza is an emerging poet who resides in Cape Town, currently working on his debut novel. He has a poem previously published in ANMLY. He works as an English editor, studying psychology and philosophy part-time.