Egbiameje Omole

Loving the World, that it Loves me back

in those days of despair
that every word was a prayer,
and understanding
the gravity of that promise,
i promised it. i said:
i love you, i am here for you.

i prayed:
i love you, i am here for you.

i prayed,
for Love.


To Me

your desire: a performance
mine: a prayer

but is it not, eventually, 
a matter of perspectives?

shut up,

comfort me.


Egbiameje Omole (they/he) is a poet, editor, and performance artist working from Ibadan, Nigeria. Formerly known as Joshua Morley, they have had other queer poems (like the two above) published in Olney, Corporeal, En*gendered, Stone of Madness, and Boy Brother Friend. Find them @morleyxoxo on Twitter and Instagram.