Chamomile Wheatley

Sunsimmer gratitude

for Isa Pickett

    Porch cactus  catches the sun 
and lights-up like a cellphone with good news

       Below the balcony  
the young family from Bethlehem
roasts salmon  over  charcoal
    Conversations   of warm weather  at-last  and
pinewood derbies             rise
                                  with zucchini smoke           
                                                carried away
                                  with cicada  ocean  song

       I-40 stirs a lazy tide
   even the willows  wave  safe morning

               I know holy neighbors!
                  Robins bawuing from brown sugar nests
           Brier Creek testing new directions  
                 the wild honey caps   ready to spread on toast       
and   You      
                                                          four-hundred miles away   picking figs  in a cemetery
                                                                        under the same trans-pride   sunset

                                           I have news!                   I started HRT! I caught this song in a jar!
                                                My hair   is wisteria
                                       and my body is sunsimmered chapel glass!
                                           Look through me from each direction
                                           That’s where god rests


Chamomile is a peripatetic word wrangler & a friend to small critters. Her work has also appeared in Five South.