Nora Rose Tomas

One Day We Will Go to the Beach

Antithetical, all in, I was hoping we’d go swimming. When I think of your body water, more than a raindrop, less than the sea, I find the opposite of floating. Still, there is a buoyancy about you that makes me want to duck. But I will try not to. This is all I have to offer, the trying. So that maybe we can end up with our stomachs exposed. One day, I’ll turn to you and show you my sunburn and you’ll say how beautiful.


Nora Rose Tomas is a queer writer based in New York City. They are about to receive their MFA from Columbia University, where they concentrated in nonfiction writing. Their writing has appeared in Lavender Review, Mantis, Small Orange, and What are Birds? among others. They are currently working on a book about sensations. You can follow them on Instagram @dr_sappho.