Melvin Clemente Magsanoc


self-translated from Ibaloy

Its height does not overshadow
Its length does not protrude
Its strength does not falter

It’s sufficient always in all its uses.


self-translated from Ibaloy

Its decomposition
and its disappearance
is not something you’ll lament
because you know
that is how it is going to prepare
for its perennial
showing up again.


self-translated from Ibaloy

It plows well
It is strong in harrowing
It can endure the heat

Equally shares Father’s
works in the fields.

Melvin is shown, on a pale grey photography backdrop. Melvin has light brown skin and black hair, parted at the side. Melvin wears a dark navy blue sweater over an pale pink or white point collared shirt, open at the top button.

Melvin Clemente Magsanoc was raised in a small community overshadowed by the majestic Mt. Pulag in the mystical town of Kabayan, Benguet. He is Ibaloy by language and ethnicity; he traces his ancestry on the maternal side from Tuba, Benguet and Baguio City, and his paternal side from Kabayan. He was a fellow at the first and second NCCA – UP Baguio Cordillera Creative Writing Workshop. He is one of the founding members of Ubbog Cordillera Writers. Some of his poems have been published in the Ubbog Journals, Ubod Anthology, and the Philippines Graphic. He lives in Baguio City and he is currently a faculty member of the Senior High School department of Baguio City National High School. He writes poems in Ibaloy then translates them to English or the other way around.