MM James

Plastic Heaven Lasts Forever 

 13 eons ago i grieved shyly— 
 as i couldn’t make mincemeat 
 out of the night we met, 
 i had a hard time with the teeth, 
 entirely non-compostable.
 no lies, really decomposing.
*this is our empty box 
 [perhaps outrage is a conditioned
 response to move what we cannot touch]
 mid-afternoon & i think 
 those thoughts inconsolable: 
 “O, to unscramble your face 
 like those sliding tile puzzles 
 you find gambling in cereal
 boxes until they are no longer plastic.”
*this is our newborn box 
 [we realized electrons can only push
 so we scrabbled my knees 
 with your daisy chaining fingers
 in an attempt to touch] 

 like the gum in your anagrammatic intestines,
 has it really been 7 years since we were
 unchanging? a linear  perception of time is like 
 rounding my height down to 5’11. 
 plastic heaven lasts forever 
 & my bones are tethered for as long as forever is.  

 *this is our terminal box 
 [like the little letters you passed me 
 while we waited for time to reboot 
 the right-side of their mind.]

[they make me feel like you’re really here.]

MM is shown before a flatscreen television which display san image of a brick fireplace wood fire. MM has black hair and pale skin. MM wears lavender eyeshadow and black lipstick, a green maxi skirt, and a black silk or polyester blouse with a dagger collar, and ruffles to either side of the front buttons. MMs arm is outstretched on a wooden plank table. On the table are a silver lava lamp with blue fluid, and a stack of The Simpsons DVD box sets.

MMJames (Maggie Matthew James) is a concrete poet and essayist from Sussex and the Bay Area. Their work has appeared in *82 Review and Jeopardy Magazine. They moonlight as a roly-poly who lives in our brains, @pingotooby on Instagram.