Rodney A. Brown

Enter someone seeking guidance.

Enter BB box we requested. Lazy susan chair cover enters. Enter exasperation. Enter things that lie an individual down, on the ground, and have them leaning up against corners. Eyeglasses enter. Attention enter. Judge enter. Teacups enter. Common room enter. Enter black twisted hairs. Enter a cell phone. Enter a ball cap. Enter a phone call. Enter in balmoral. Gravemarker write K.F.B.L.I.O.R. in a book. E.R.K.A.A.D.E.W.O. must be written in the appropriate spaces. Enter visitors. Gravemarker write J.U.L.Y. on a stone. Enter ivy growing where he took his life. Enter the sound of visitors’ footsteps. Reenter into the sound of noises that should still be in your ear because they have been entered and not exited out.


Enter backwards.

Enter your memory. Enter rememory. Enter air conditioning units. Enter grass in a garden. Enter baby’s breath flowers. Enter John. Enter knowledge that this John is not the same John previously entered though this John is died and gone too. Enter trust. Enter the distinctions comprising a unique name. Enter hence. Enter Martinez. Enter more than enough worthlessness feelings. Enter a different energy. Enter a kitchen table and stuff to sit on the table. Exit a body. Enter a hearse backing up exiting. Enter what seems like a glowing white coffin. Enter cremation. Enter legs crossed but private parts still raped. Enter progeny.


Enter semen.

Ovum enter. Enter breeding bucks black. Enter Donnie. Enter new. Enter a colored section. Exit new energy. Enter large male shorts. Neutered cat enter. End enter. In enter. Sight enter. Otherwise of black experiences enter. Enter another coffin. Enter more not guilty verdicts. Enter your own momma’s fears. Enter adaptations to address fear. Enter frfr language. Enter patience. Enter communicative words. Enter workrooms that are hostile. Enter the same suicide thoughts. Enter jailhouse mannerisms. Exit patience. Enter dicks in. Enter the time it takes to endlessly move. 


Exit big dicks.

Enter hunger. Enter stomach gurgling. Enter communication. Enter big black dick. Enter unresponsiveness. Enter more worthlessness feelings. Enter words that encourage. Enter your neighbor’s God. Enter one million attempts to feel safe. Enter putting it on your tongue. Enter negotiating for your support. Enter one million attempts to get help. Enter unresponsiveness. Enter worthlessness feelings. Enter suicide ideation. Exit families. Enter a calculator. Enter a Tuesday. Enter the August month. Gravemarker write the numeral 3 on the internet. Enter electronics. Enter the time exact she passed away. Enter accessible doors with handles, without handles, and electric doors. Enter acceptance. Enter tension. Struggle enter. Enter Love. Historicism enter. Enter human conditions. Enter roadside. Gravemarker write L.I.V.E.B.E.T.T.E.R. on a wall. Enter chirping bird sounds out of the corner. Enter music mixing up into chirps. Enter rememory again. Enter your thought. Enter empathy and critical engagement. Enter the seventh month day. Enter time that past quickly. Enter present time. Enter the other John who will get shot and later die. 


Remember Angela who will collapse and later die.

Remember Angela is written with a surname that is Williams. Remember general. Remember generational designations. Remember John is written with a surname that is Crawford. Enter a supermarket. Enter in seconds. Enter ink. Gravemarker write generational designation (III or the third) on paper behind name John Crawford. Enter garments for attending a funeral. Enter diverse bodies who will celebrate in those clothes. Enter Oh’happyday lyrics. Exit hearses past coffins. Enter gold. Enter desperation. Enter expectation. Exit a crowd pleaser. Enter a good beat tho. Exit families.

Enter blessings. Enter humming. Enter ownership. Enter America. Enter scared to open the door. Enter worship. Enter to walls being built. Move death’s standing next to scared and to. Enter scared to death. Enter intimidation. Enter at work. Exit things that belong to them. Enter more things you personally need. Enter equality. Enter crying. Enter another ask for support. Enter Unresponsiveness. Enter providers. Enter degree credentials. Enter more worthlessness feelings. Enter intimidation. Enter unresponsiveness is typical. Enter great resources.

Enter paper on the floor. Enter what a God can do. Enter a land surrounded by water.

Isolation enter. 

Bridge to what is next enter. Enter rivers running deep. Love enter. Enter island. Enter Ti Moune characteristic. Enter preparation for burial. 


Enter Erzulie.

Enter sea. Enter sheol. Enter fashion. Enter sagging pants. Exit fashion. Enter your rights. Agwé enter. Wrapping waves enter. Enter sweet smelling perfume. Enter time that is closer to an end. Enter cold. Enter fatalities. Enter gravemarker. Enter decomposition process. Enter heat. Enter bed sheets ripped. Enter nightmares. Enter assignments. Enter families. Exit families. Enter the seashore. Enter Papa Ge. Enter debate. Enter risk. Enter love. Enter being carried to shore. Enter psychological distress. Enter suicide in trauma survivorship. Enter being wrapped by waves. Enter a human turned into a tree. Enter recycling. Enter a pact to enter into real love. Enter a noose rope tie. Enter some studies. Enter suggestions. Enter intimidation. Enter a body bag. Enter success. Enter boundaries to it. Borderlines enter. Enter more worthlessness feelings. Enter ignore. Skeletons enter. Enter intimidate. Enter a comment posting. Enter ignorant. Enter physical illness. Closet enter.


Rodney A. Brown is a poet, writer, choreographer, and interdisciplinary artist whose work draws on he(r) experiences with AIDS, mental illness, and homelessness. He(r) writing has appeared in the Journal of Pan African Studies, and their performances on black lives and mental health have been sponsored at the Society of Dance History Scholars Congress on Research in Dance and the United States Conference on AIDS. They taught as a choreographer at the university level and attended the Saint Francis College MFA program in Creative Writing. Rodney recommends the Boris Lawrence Henson Foundation. Author photo by Hubs.