Mullins Court

When Cam, Twin, & I flock home.
We a blistering bee hive at the tall glass
of spring, bumping and thumping

the sap of our gums, back and forth, like heat
tag in June. We boy loud, but gurl
hymns off our tongue like moon breaking

open dusk. We all the ratchet friend
when we lean in together, forget
to bite our twang & enjambed Black.

We proud we is what we is. Hey bitch
& wha’s poppin is how we knight each other
home. We defy the apple in our throats.

Adam ain’t Black enough to hold our kind
of love. Our throats hug, veins rip caskets
from each others capillaries, teeth shimmer

like CD cycles, Walkman strapped to
our bony hips. Doing circles ‘round
the cul-de-sac we learned this Black hood.


Trans Day of Remembrance

Golden (they/them) is a black gender-nonconforming trans-femme photographer and poet raised in Hampton, VA, currently residing in Boston, MA. Their work deals with the intersections of blackness and gender within the construct of America. Golden is a 2017/2019 Pink Door Fellow, the 2018 House Slam Grand Slam Champion, the 2016 NYU Grand Slam Champion, & was apart of the 2017 & 2018 NYU CUPSI Championship winning team. Their work has been featured on/at the Shade Journal, the Offing, Button Poetry, i-D, Interview Magazine, & elsewhere. Golden holds a BFA in Photography from New York University. Website: Instagram: mylesgolden. Twitter: mylessgolden.