Anthony Cody

DustLore, No. 35

A man at a diner says, Never read
the newspaper, and continues to drink
his coffee and draw circles on want
ads. No one is walking out, every bird

in the state is regressing. They forgot
how to perch, slept in fields, blocked 
the roads so The Leavers could not 
leave for fear of flattening. They forget

feathers and abandon flight midsky,
plummet. The sound of a chest
cavity crumbling can be confused
with the explosion of a dirt clod

until you witness the liquification. No 
one is walking out, the sky’s in the middle
of descent. A man at a diner laughs,
says, See, they’ll prolly say it hasn’t rained

                                        in months.

Anthony Cody is the author of Borderland Apocrypha (March 2020), winner of the 2018 Omnidawn Open Book Prize. A CantoMundo fellow, he is an editor with Noemi Press, and a fellow in Juan Felipe Herrera's Laureate Lab. His poetry has appeared in Gulf Coast, Ninth Letter, TriQuarterly, among other journals.