Ava Hofmann

riot maxims ii

Originally from Oxford, Ohio, Ava Hofmann is a writer currently living and working as an MFA student in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. She has poems published in or forthcoming from Black Warrior Review, Fence, Anomaly, Best American Experimental Writing 2020, Datableed, and Peachmag. Her poetry deals with trans/queer identity, Marxism, and the frustrated desire inherent to encounters with the archive. Her website can be found at www.nothnx.com; she also overuses her twitter account, @st_somatic

My poems often concern themselves with illegibility and mess, a frustrated desire for a sense of time as a trans person—a feeling of ‘no future’ and ‘no past’, save for the small and strange scraps that cis society forgot to burn. I want readers to approach these texts as if they were these scraps from out of time, ruins from a future which never existed in any ‘original’ form.