Naveed Khan

Massacre or Masterpiece

It’s either massacre or masterpiece, master please, let’s mass appeal to mass appease to match the ease. Seal the pores like cream or a tub of vaseline, grease the machine and forget how to dream. Ignore the means, too blind to lead, unable to see the truth from what it seems. It’s either massacre or masterpiece, a Jackson Pollock in the streets every time we bleed. They’ll always blame the seed, but you can’t fault the paint brush for the fingers’ greed. It’s either massacre or masterpiece, the top tricks are reserved for politics; it’s toxic the way they talk sick spreading ill wills selectively as if on the tips of chopsticks. So much ambition has lost it causing callous and caustic. Society is a mosh pit of agnostic bigots and cynics that mimic the very sins that cost them. Sycophants commit a sick offence, all because we aim to please – but it’s either massacre or masterpiece, and an entire population with bruised knees.

Naveed Khan was made in Bangladesh and structurally refined in various parts of Canada, most prominently in Toronto, Ontario. He was [voluntarily] institutionally reconditioned at York University, where he foolishly conceived that pursuing a profession in English education would be just and noble. This is why he types as such. You can visit his website at, and find him on Twitter and Instagram @_navk.