Sarah Sgro

Upon Inspection of These Sanctifying Portraits

firstly I would like to sever             every metaphor           in which my body is a meal

my breasts are not bread         or anything a man would like to break             & spread

I am no vessel            for the butter in your mouth            I have never salivated

at the legend of my breasts upon a plate          paint my body               & you’ve made a myth

of all its elements             I am bored by your belief in purity               as supernatural

hunger is an impulse              that I moderate like any other             reason with your hunger

& you realize it is fear or dehydration    the body is equipped               to handle its starvation

similarly I am satisfied alone             I fall asleep & lose my mind             amid the creamy insides

my thighs emerge              congealed with nectar          from the sun               I was born

with many comforts             instantly a breast inside my mouth          mother-room

which nourished me            yes the supple cord was cleaved                yes I claw the air

when a nipple surfaces in dreams            but I do not desire                what is no longer

affixed to me           if you haven’t filled your body adequately          I am not accountable

for all that space         I am not a still-life         of your hunger         pressed

against the bed          a sharp thing enters         scalpel in my chest     fork between my legs

Sarah Sgro is the author of the full-length collection If The Future Is A Fetish (YesYes Books 2019) and the chapbook Without Them I Am Still A Mother (Letter [r] Press 2017). Sgro earned her MFA in Poetry from the University of Mississippi and is pursuing her Ph.D. in English at SUNY Buffalo, where she studies waste in relation to gender and futurity. She previously served as Poetry Editor for the Yalobusha Review and as an editorial assistant for Guernica, and she currently reads poetry submissions for Muzzle. Her work appears in BOAAT, Cosmonauts Avenue, The Offing, and other journals.