Forest Heart

Anapurna is the alter-ego of Ana Sainz Quesada, graduated in Fine Arts from Universitat de Barcelona and specialized in illustration and graphic narrative in IED Madrid. A Madrid-based illustrator and artist, she published her first graphic novel, Chucrut (Salamadra Graphic), in 2015. 

Working on different artistic disciplines and equally attracted by drawing, street art, painting, embroidery, and engraving, she loves making and reading every kind of comics.

Anja Wicki


Anja Wicki lives and works as an illustrator and comic artist in Lucerne, Switzerland. Since 2010, she and two friends have published a comic magazine called Ampel Magazin. Anja Wicki loves straight lines, printing and mountains. Her book The Meaning of Life is a collection of 12 short stories.

Émilie Gleason

Émilie Gleason is a belgium-mexican illustrator born in 1992. Sometimes she depicts a lunatic, oneiric, deformed society – because drawing still allows her to take an imaginary plane to go live a hundred lives all around the universe. Sometimes she spills out her hatred against this nonsensical way of living. But between us, she still hopes to drive a semi-truck within Canada in the future. Her work:

Aya Kakeda

The Garden Keeper

Aya Kakeda was born and raised in Tokyo, Japan. Now she draws and creates imaginative worlds in Brooklyn, NY. 

She illustrates, teaches and takes her imaginary friends to travel, exhibiting in galleries and museums throughout the world.

Ishita Basu Malik

Ghost Story

Ishita Basu Mallik lives in India; writes and makes art and comics. Work appears in Asian Cha, SABLE LitMag, otoliths, Ink Brick and other places. Look for more @

Mark Ehling

On The Street

Mark Ehling is a writer and artist living in Edina, Minnesota. His stories, comics, plays, and films have appeared widely, and he is the author of a book of short stories, River Dead of Minneapolis Scavenged by Teenagers. More of his work can be found at

Hue Nguyen


Hue Nguyen is a horse child.

They currently reside in Vancouver, BC in the midst of a finishing a BFA in Film and Visual Arts. Their work is mostly framed around comics poetry and abstract film animations, exploring intertwining issues of mental health, identity, and immigration. You can find more of they’re work at:

Jennifer Lisa

Born in “The Heart of It All,” Ohio, now residing in Pittsburgh, Jenn Lisa has been making autobio comics since 2009. Process, drawing, and the act of doodling are important to her work. She likes to be able to see bits of the process in the end product. 

Jenn Lisa likes to draw her comics directly in pencil and aspires to make comics and little books that are at once funny, sad, beautiful and strange. 

Her comics have appeared in PUPPYTEETH and Dog City. Her work can be found at and

Wenting Li

Wenting Li is an illustrator working in Toronto. You can often find her daydreaming on her bike or holed up underground, reading as fast as she can. Also here: