Leo Smith


Somewhere, an opening. Chests. Scars with heart 
behind. It doesn’t matter who breaks the rib 
or takes it. I see the love in myself, so I see the love 
in you. Oh, baby. Our passion sips from equal bowls; 
bodies baptize in sun-flooded sheets. Divinity lingers 
in my dimples and your array of speckles. The cleanest 
water comes from: a mouth, a palm, parted legs. 
God smiles at the still-sprouting dicks. She promises 
to shape us one way until we decide another. 
Look. How we’ve spoken ourselves into being. 
Laughter tinkling, followed by a gentle clasp. 
Let’s name ourselves with sounds that feel like freedom. 


Leo Smith (they/them) is a Black, queer transmasculine poet from Inglewood, CA. They are a Smith College graduate holding a B.A. in English/Spanish with a poetry concentration. Leo’s first chapbook, The Body’s Owner Speaks, is forthcoming with Black Sunflowers Poetry Press (Summer 2023). Their pieces also appear in Arcanum Magazine. A former Roots.Wounds.Words Poetry Fellow (Winter 2023), Leo’s current work centers on race, religion, and queer childhood. You can find them on Instagram @sun.ruled.