ANMLY #29 :: Poetry

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To function in this world of overwhelming loss, it’s necessary to honor our wounds and to create joy for ourselves and those around us when we can. Too often, contemporary literature elevates death at the expense of joy, or else struggles to elevate joy with eyes shut to atrocity. In truth, we cannot experience one without the other.

As always, the work curated in this issue is a reflection of the world in the months passed so there is no shortage of elegy, but there is also no shortage of joy. Of RANT, of not one more, of not one more time, of that’s not who I am, that’s not who I ever was, of screw you guys, of pay attention. Of play, of phoenix, of sex. Of hope and imagining. Of the divine.

This is the locus of the work you’re about to read.

Sarah Clark, Editor-in-Chief
September, 2019.

Anomaly #29 POETRY Team

Ching-in Chen, Associate Poetry Editor
Ebony E. Chinn, Associate Poetry Editor
Liz Bowen, Assistant Poetry Editor
Jason N. Rodriguez, Assistant Poetry Editor
Brighde Moffat, Assistant Poetry Editor
nicole v. basta, Assistant Poetry Editor