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Special No-Fee Calls for Submission

South Asian Subcontinent (SAS) Lit Folio


In a poem, the maestro of Urdu poetry, Mirza Ghalib proclaims – “Saharas are buried in the dust of my commotion”. This dissonant yet abiding haecceity is perhaps the best introduction to the tessellation of South Asian Subcontinent’s literature. The umbrella term for the geopolitical expanse in itself is issue for debate and doesn’t adhere to set boundaries, instead spilling out in a flux of shadowlands as does the emergent writing and art. From Bhakti & Sufi poetry to Afghan landays, the flourish of spoken word at mushairas, contemporary ecopoetics; we have witnessed for ages the curious, definition-defiant and somewhat nomadic pathways of literary oeuvre as experienced and nurtured in the region. However, whenever we see listicles about present day poets and poetry – particularly Anglophone - our names are either entirely missing or tokenized. This folio aims to move beyond inclusion and instead chooses to celebrate & scintillate writing from the South Asian Subcontinent in its entirety. Our folio will include folks from homeland as well as immigrant/diasporic spaces. For the purpose of curating this folio, we are including the following countries under the canopy of South Asian Subcontinent – Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Bhutan, Maldives, Nepal, India, Pakistan & Sri Lanka. We welcome poetry – original (in English) & translated (any language or dialect prevalent in the region provided the translator has the rights/permission to the original work), personal essays as well as interviews/discussions/feature pitches between writers from the South Asian Subcontinent. Send us words that unpeel the realms of critical intimacies and are unapologetic about the nakedness of their roots. We particularly welcome work from marginalized, displaced and othered communities from the region.

Please send upto 3 poems or 2 short personal essays or 1-2 interview/conversation/features pitch to nihilistwaffles [at] gmail [dot] com.

Call for Submissions: Transtastic Tomorrows Folio


In Tomorrow’s Now, what does it mean to be you? In this reality, Trans / Gender Non Conforming / Agender folk are forced to create selves that withstand external scrutiny. Consider the power of the speculative: In a parallel now, what is possible for our present lives? Using the science fiction & speculative fiction genres (& all that falls in-between), this space is to imagine those realities. These imaginations from Trans/GNC voices are crucial both the future making nature of the sci-fi / spec genre & the imagining more possibles for our bodies.

We are seeking poetry, prose, hybrid, flash fiction & experimental text with a focus on futures, alternate realties, cyborgs, dystopias, environment & global events, space & other proto-possible technologies.

Poetry: 2-5 pieces (7 pages max)
Prose / Hybrid: 1-2 (5 pages max)
Creative Nonfiction: (3 pages max)
Experimental: ( < 5 pages)

Send your work & a brief bio to jayy [at] jayydodd [dot] net with “Anomaly - Trans Tomorrows” or “Trans Tomorrows” in the subject title.

Folio Proposals

Anomaly features special sections, that we call folios, in each issue. To propose a theme or topic for an upcoming folio, please submit a brief, 500-word description, making sure to specify what genres will be included in the content of your folio, and the names of some potential contributors (you do not need to already have content selected, just a few names as examples!). Submit proposals here.

Folios are reviewed on an ongoing basis. Currently, folio proposals are being considered for issue 27 (by June 2018) and after.