We are excited to present a second folio concurrently with our own Outranspo folio. This selection features work by dynamic, accomplished writers and translators we respect and admire, whom we invited to participate in some Outranspian undertakings. We handed them our classification of translation procedures and constraints (always under development) and asked them to write a version of a translation that would exemplify one of those constraints—or to enhance that list with another mode of procedural constraint—and then to offer a brief explanation of their process.

We are nourished and stimulated by exchanges with other writers, translators, and thinkers. Some we are fortunate to be in contact with already, others we hope to communicate with one day. We are keenly aware that there are languages we can’t reach, traditions we haven’t discovered, and methods that haven’t yet crossed our paths. We believe that languages and literatures are not departments, but gardens, and our fences are crumbling and overgrown. To emphasize our woven and embedded state, this folio showcases a group of writers and translators whose work we are very excited about.

For your reading pleasure, we are delighted to present to you: the ParaOutranspians!

March 2017


Table of Contents

derek beaulieu, “dispariton” 1 2 3 4 (Georges Perec)
Christian Bök, “Phonemes” (Rimbaud)
Ludivine Bouton Kelly & Tiphaine Samoyault, “O raconte-moi” (James Joyce)
Geoffrey Brock, “Other People’s Dreams” (John Burrasca) 
Antoine Cazé, “Eunoia, Chapter E” (Christian Bök)
Jeffrey Diteman, “Something Thunders Under Vast Water” “I Felt and Endless Scream go Screeching”  “Fire Sails through my Body” 
Dave Drayton, 2 heterograms (after Perec)
Isaiah Dufort, “Rage on” (Iwatobi Swim Club)  “Utatane Sunshin” (Unlimited Tone)
Craig Dworkin, “DefExtractor” (Gottlob Frege)
Kristin Dykstra, “Transelliptical Dialogic”  “Projection of the Order” 
Toby Fitch, “Democrazy” (Arthur Rimbaud) “Pro me the Us” (Arthur Rimbaud)
“Sonnet for an Ex” (after Stéphane Mallarmé)   
Christiana Hills, “If-A Counterattack” (Kipling/Maurois)
Bernard Hoepffner, “Sixteen Variations” (Thomas Mann)
Sabine Macher, “Outranseurythmies”  (Waves)
Salvatore Marano, “A Ring O Roses” (Robert-Foley-Artozqui)
Michèle Métail, “Romeo e Juliette sont en bateau, Oscar tombe a l'eau”
Ian Monk, “To the Apache Database” (Pierre de Ronsard), “The Exeter Text” (Georges Perec)
Sarah Riggs, “Translation from Dance” (…)
Urayoán Noel, “Translatitudes” (the coast)