Zaina Alsous

I wanted to write about Israel as a carceral state that is perpetually expanding, which echoes the spilling nature of colonialism. The effects of this are felt everywhere, within a system where capital moves freely, while peoples' movements are violently policed. This is an attempt at honoring the rooted entanglements of struggle and resilience embodied by Third World peoples & ecologies battling white supremacist extraction. The land itself knows how to resist

“Israeli Firm Chosen to Build Prototype of U.S. Border Wall with Mexico”

Most of this space could be wasted
trying to convince you—there exists
an OUTSIDE and an INSIDE. Las Neuces,
Gila,     look there is water,     or purchased war
lines in tierra. Empires erase, redraw
we and them in pencil. It remains
controversial, the question of what
exists. So instead of explaining !again!
WHO is an outside,



                               to break the weir


past detectability in the radar zone     unpetaled
dry seed     curled inward     the Rose of Jericho     grows
wild     in the deserts of Palestine and Mexico     After
fifty years without water     the plant still     remembers
how to     resurrect     Sempre Viva     Between
OUTSIDE and there     the dead rose harbors     be

I wait for the water     and

                              I know

Zaina Alsous

Zaina Alsous is a Palestinian writer and abolitionist. You can find some of her work in The Offing, The New Inquiry, Mask Magazine, the Boston Review, and elsewhere. Her chapbook Lemon Effigies is forthcoming on Anhinga Press.